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Are you interested in doing sports and ready to feel the change? 


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Fit4Life is a project designed for promoting the health and well-being of multicultural women. Fit4Life is not just a project but an innovative solution targeted to help women find a way to change their lifestyle and take care of their health.  The elements in the Fit4Life project have been shaped together over time to help implement the solutions for achieving the aims and objectives of the project.


The main objective of Fit4Life is the health promotion, the prevention of discrimination, the social well-being and the improving of the life quality of multicultural women. 

 Based on the needs identified, the project strives to find and implement flexible solutions for improving the health of immigrant women and for increasing their participation in different sport hobbies, thus supporting the goal mentioned above. The process takes into account a variety of important aspects that affect the health and well-being, such as physical exercises, nutrition and social participation. Currently, there are six groups under the project in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo.


   What we do?


*HEALTH CHECK-UPS which provide a view over the project participants’  BASIC HEALTH and over their FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY. The health check-ups offer a good starting point for reflecting on the health risks and for considering changing the lifestyle to reduce these risks.

 *GROUP DISCUSSIONS - The purpose of these discussions is to maintain the alertness of mind and to map the resources available in their lives and the opportunities for exploiting them.


*Discussions lead by a NUTRITION expert.

*LECTURES on healthy nutrition and COOKING CLASSES - interactive; the group participants can have an impact on the content, contributing with their own experience.

Find out more about the various groups and registration.  Click here..



Practical information

Ø  The activities in the project are FREE OF CHARGE.

Ø  The groups are organized mainly in the Helsinki region but also in other communes in Finland.

Ø  The groups meet up once in a week for about three hours, with sport activities and discussions on various topics related to the project.

Ø  Assistance with translation and childcare during group sessions, according to the possibilities, take contact if you need more information on the topic.

Kindly contact us and learn more on how to register, participate or collaborate with us.