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Bukola Omodona 

Bukola Omodona is a Finnish-Nigerian former professional sprinter from  Nigeria, West Africa. She has competed with top athletes, and also won the  women under 18 championships in 1999. She also competed in the Finnish and  Nigerian top national competition. In 2005, She came to Finland to compete as a professional athlete in the summer games.

In 2006, she studied in the Arcada University of Applied Science in Finland and graduated in 2011 with a degree in Gerontology. (Bachelor of Social Services and Health Care).

Currently, Bukola with her educational background, experience and athletic background is utilizing her skills to encourage, motivate and develop people who want to get physically fit and stay healthy through achievable workout routine. She is a diverse and experienced professional and has worked with clients from toddlers to pensioners. She is working with Monaliiku's project, Fit4Life and engaging with the participants in achieving their desired workout goal.

Bukola’s motivation and dedication is seen through her love for the project and is known for her tactical phrase “Ota sun tavarat mukaan”. She is friendly, focused and open to learning new things and developing her skills.  She has respect for other people’s culture and their values. 

She currently resides in Finland with her family.





 Sports And Fitness Instructors

















Ayisat  Yusuf-Aromire

Ayisat Yusuf-Aromire is a Finnish-Nigerian former professional football player. Ayisat is a versatile player. She started her football career in Nigeria playing for clubs like the Delta Queens and the Capital Queens, just to mention a few and has long since kept the passion for the sport.

During her football career, she played for Nigeria, in the under 19 World Cup in Canada in 2002, in 2003 in the All African Games in Abuja (gold medalist),  the 2004 World Cup in Thailand, the 2004 African Cup of Nations in South Africa(gold medalist),  the 2007 All African Games in Algeria,(gold medalist),  the 2007 Senior FIFA World Cup in China, and in the Women’s 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.

 She also has a track record of playing with some Swedish and Finnish professional football clubs. She has qualifications and educational knowledge in coaching and training. She is the coach for FC Pohu and GPS United both football teams in Helsinki. Ayisat is also the coach for Monaliiku’s Multicultural Women’s Football team. Ayisat Yusuf-Aromire is a board member on the FARE Network.

She is an active contributor and activist in sports and integration activities. Yusuf works with Monaliiku’s project Fit4life in engaging with the participants to commit to their healthy lifestyle and well-being. She is funny and patient and her playful attitude puts our participants at ease with her slogan “Makkara pois”. Ayisat is a hardworking and level-headed, motivated and very committed individual.

She currently resides in Finland with her family.