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Health and Fitness


Body mass index (BMI)

source; Leslie Beck

For many women weight control has always been important. Since being a teenager we’ve had to watch what we eat and exercise regularly in order to maintain a healthy weight. As women get older, many find that it becomes more difficult to take off unwanted pounds

You must remember that there are others factors besides weight that can increase your risk of disease. Poor diet, alcohol, a lack of exercise, smoking and high blood pressure are other important risk factors. Read more....






Tips for weight control 

source; Leslie Beck

Set a realistic goal when you have determined it`s time to lose those extra pounds once and for all. The help beginning is the food plan and then you can move on to use the weight-loss strategies.  Read more.....




 Weight Control and Food Sensitivity.

source; Leslie Beck

For the rest of the tips, take a look at author Leslie  Beck's take in her book The Ultimate Nutrition Guide for Women.

To help you start your own work-out routine, contact Fit4Life team and get advice on how best to start a healthier life plan. Read more .....



 Women's Health

During puberty girls start getting a monthly menstrual periodGirls transform into women and go through a menstrual cycle every month. Women might suffer from different types of problems with period, such  as heavy period, irregular period, absence of period and PMS-symptoms.  Menstrual period ends on average at the age of 51 and this phase is called menopause. Menopause might cause symptoms, such as hot waves and sweating. Other common  women's health problems include urinary incontinence,  urinary tract infection, vaginitis and breast cancer.  Read more...