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Exercise Recommendations

Physical Activity Pie

UKK Institute's Physical Activity Pie shows the minimum amount of physical activity that people should do to gain health benefits. You should improve your aerobic fitness several days in a week for at least for 2 hours 30 minutes with moderate activity or 1 hour 15 minutes with vigorous activity. You should also traine muscle strength and balance at least twice a week. If your aim is to loose weight, you should double the amount of exercise! Check out UKK Institute's Physical Activity Pie. 


Workout Videos

Feel Good Stretching Routine

Start and finish your day with some easy  stretching routine from Fitness Blender.







  Busy Moms Workout Routine.

 Finding time between your daily busy schedules to work out can be  stressful. Check out this 10 minutes workout routine from Moms Into Fitness.





Exercise Plan 

Exercise Plan

Do you know how much you exercise per week? Or do you want to exercise more? By making a weekly exercise plan, it is easy to plan and keep track of your exercising. Also, it is more likely that you will exercise enough! You can also add all the physical activity that you perform, for example cleaning, gardening, playing with children, walking and cycling.

Try out our simple exercise plan by loading it from this link!





Guidelines for Sports Instructors

Guidelines for Sport Instructors

1. Plan the classes well
2. Execution: according to plan, but flexibly
3. Explain what we are doing and why
4. Efficient and safe exercises
5. Positive and supportive communication
6. Be an instructor all of your work time
7. Do self-evaluations and ask for feedback