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Motivational Thinking 


Mental Health

Self-image, feelings and knowing yourself affect your mental health. Recognizing your own roles and feelings is essential. Negative can be changed to positive by looking at the issue from a broader perspective. Everyone is responsible for their own choices in life.

Click here to read the lecture slides about mental health made by Marjukka Org and Michaela Moua





Motivation and Positive thinking create results.  

Exercising and keeping fit requires motivation and for you to see results, commitment.  However, joining a fitness group can boost your motivation and increase results. 






Stress and worry is bad for your health.

Did you know that stress and worry can be a cause of acute and chronic diseases? Remember that how you react to a stressful situation or incident is the key is manage our level of stress. Seek help if your have any stressful situation and need assistance. Find out how to reduce your stress level. Read more...