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A Healthy Diet

source; Leslie Beck


If you are like many others women, you may be more concerned about your diet. You may be wondering how your nutritional intake stacks up to that of the average woman. Like her, are you meeting your daily targets for calcium, folate, iron and zinc? These basic eating principles represent a common strategy to help prevent all chronic diseases women face today. Read more...





Did you know that eating too much sugar is linked to weight and various diseases like obesity, type II diabetes and heart diseases, certain cancers, tooth decay, liver diseases and a lot more?

Do you know how much sugar you consume daily?  Do you know the amount of added sugar is found in your snacks and daily foods? Read more....









Did you know that, to get results in the gym, an optimal protein intake is important for building and repairing muscle tissue? Read more...







All  about Vitamins 

source; Leslie Beck

Are you taking the right dose of multivitamins and mineral supplement each day? Check out Leslie Beck's guide on Key Nutrients for women and what vitamins you need.







source; Leslie Beck

Is your daily caffeine intake a little too much? Read more...